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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back, kinda.

   Well, I'm back; in some sense. I've been a bit busy since June, work picked up a bit more, but then I lost my job; however I've found a new one though, at least for now. I'm going to start updating my blog again; I'm not entirely sure as to what I'll be talking about this time, but I'll try to keep the updates as regular as I can. As stated before; I'm not entirely sure what I'll be writing about this time, so I'm going to give all of you an update on what's been going on with me, and a bit about my thoughts.

      I was laid off last month, and have been looking for a job, so far I've managed to land myself a job at a tech shop; though it's only part time. The work is enjoyable at least, and I have a lot of free time for various things. Unfortunately the money situation has stopped me from going on one of the two yearly trips I like to make. On the plus side a little bit of my creative muse has seemed to come back; I've been able to draw recently, and I've been working on a piece digitally. A lot of thinking as well, but not really anything all that productive.

     As for the moment all I'm really doing: is working what hours I can at my new job, talking with the various folks I tend to talk too, listening to tons of music, sketching occasionally, reading, and worrying about my friends and loved ones as I'm prone to doing. Despite the fact that things are out of sorts I'm relatively happy, things could be better but on the other hand things could definitely be worse. Hopefully the part time job will pan out, hours and income will increase; for myself and everyone else at the shop. I'm not entirely deadlocked into not being able to go on my trip either; I have quite a few friends that might be able to help, and I'm actually doing fairly well monetarily, perhaps the tax refund will help in this department.

     In upcoming posts, I'm likely too: share my artwork with my audience, discuss ideas I've had, or give a bit of background on events in my life.

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