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Saturday, January 22, 2011

-The Right- Tenet 1

1. "If you know what the right thing to do is, for fuck's sake, do it."

There... is a part of us, "mind" and brain; that allows us to identify the needs of other with our own needs, and transgressions made against others with those made against ourselves. The ability to... cross reference external stimulus and reactions, to those other than yourself is called "Empathy"; and as with any skill it dulls with disuse, and fades entirely with time. While empathy's lesser sibling "Sympathy", can often make due, in the long run, and in all details it's not a suitable replacement; though it is better than nothing.

These twin impulses, empathy and sympathy, are what bind all higher order mammalian communities together; in conjunction with instinct of course, though the latter tends to be a negative correlation, emphasizing the survival of the individual. Obviously, the survival of the individual is important to the survival of the group as a whole; but as we advance, as we gain ground on the world around us, sometimes this instinctual impulse to survive can get in the way of actually advancing and surviving as a whole.

The point is, the ability to identify "right", and "wrong"... is an inherent trait, one common to both the faithful and the atheistic; It's a biological function that has served well in the past.

Develop your judgment and trust it, everyone has an inner "moral" compass, well, maybe not sociopaths; whatever the case follow that damn thing. Seek out the right thing to do, and do it; people often hesitate for whatever reason. Sometimes it's because what's really "right" conflicts with what they've been taught, sometimes it's because of a conflict with their sense of whom they should be, and sometimes its even because they're afraid of what other people will say or do. The truth is, none of that matters, the preacher and his books, the saint and his silver tongue, the guy across the road; none of them know any better what to do than you, they just think they do, and you should too.


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  1. I find this eloquent, but flawed in the concept. As societies have shown very few, but the most basic 'right and wrongs' are universal. The rest must be discussed and communally agreed upon. An individual can no more make this decision than any lesser animal.