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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Right -Preface-

Alright guys, first things first. To lay a foundation for the things I'm going to say, think, and put forth here; I'm first going to give an exposition of my personal philosophy... Rather, my idealized philosophy; as with any living creature, I'm often...incapable of living up to my own ideals, but I try my best.

I call this... "The Right", as in my person opinion its the only thing anyone has any right too, themselves. Next post later this week when I clear my head and formulate a slightly more coherent approach to this; I'll go over, in a very shallow manner of coarse, the basic tenants of my philosophy, afterward we'll go into further detail.

It has everything to do with a person's concept of self, and that concept's affect on the "outside" world.

For the time being, here's a nice piece of music I've found, it's by an artist called "Skrillex" or Sonny Moore. Very uplifting, and kind of fitting in my opinion :3

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  1. nice intro to such a complicated undertaking.