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Saturday, January 22, 2011

-The Right- Tenet 2

2. "Don't ever break your word, if you say something mean it; and if you say you're gonna do something do it."

This particular one isn't about pride, or stubbornness, or any kind of foolhardy strength; this concept is about -consistency.- The world is a confusing place, and the biological minds even more so; we function on a messy bowl of wet circuitry... There are very few things in this world that we have any control over them; so it makes sense that we should strive to place our emotions, thought, actions, and reactions in line. This makes things much simpler than they are most of the time.

However, this isn't as blind and blatant as one might imagine. Controlling your own emotions and thoughts, keeping your words and actions in line with them, allows you to place them all into relative perspective. As previously covered, we have twin "high order" impulses, called Empathy and Sympathy; these allows us to assess our thoughts and emotions. Drive ourselves towards the more constructive ones, and allow us to purge the harmful or dangerous ones. The goal isn't to lie in order to keep our entire manifestation in line, it's to make lying unnecessary.

With complete consistency and honesty come complete responsibility... your nature is yours to form. Simplify yourself; we are sentient creatures; we rule our thoughts, bodies, actions, and words. Never say something you don't intend to follow through on, try not to commit to actions you can't... and if you do, strive with all you have to do it anyway.

When it comes down to it, your feelings and thoughts, and the words and actions they bloom into are your only true lasting impression on this world. Everything fades with time, aside from memories reinforced and passed from one person to the other. Even genetics are susceptible to random mutation and breakdown, and the cross threading of information between two mates lead to imperfect replication.

The purest incarnation, or representation of yourself is always memetic. Even after you are gone, the memetic structure that you leave behind in this world remains; and dependent upon its strength and accuracy, carries everything that others knew to be you.

Obviously, actions and words laid in jest are immune to this; but care should be exercised to show when you are joking and aren't, and "jest" should never extend into the realm of immutable seriousness.

This is "White Light" by the amazing MC Xander

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  1. Again, the concept that one can overcome one's own programming is left to rest. The flaws of addiction and environmental affection that might ruin one's ability to maintain a straight line of thought, let alone a consistent action with the words spoken a previous day. Some minds are not able. Some minds are never given the chance for such nobility. Where do they sit in this Tenet?