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Saturday, May 7, 2011

-The Right- Tenet 7

7. "Be who you are, not who people tell you that you are."

     Your sense of self is important, in fact, its more than likely one of the most important things any sentient creature can hold. It encompasses everything we've gone over up to this point. The stability, the defined properties of a willed creature. But its more than self image, more than who you are; Its how you think, what you do, and what you fail to do. It's in what you learn, and what you fail to learn; in why you love, and also why those that love you choose to do so. It contains every bit of value you have as an individual, as a member of a group, and as a member of a species. Everything you say about yourself, prove about yourself, and conversely all those things you fail to say and prove. Your sense of self is you; in all that information, interlinked and complex as any of the organic molecules that make up your physical form, more than any book could ever hold.

      This vast collection of information, this codex of self, along with awareness of our world in general [which many animals have]; it is what defines you as a living, breathing, entity, and more importantly transforms that living thing into a sapient, self aware, justified creature. One should exist that concept, and let it be the -only- concept. Other people can't tell you who and what you are; no one with any great deal of certainty will ever be able to define you any better than your own existence does. They can only experience and participate in it; don't waste those chances to express yourself and impact your surroundings. You, in your entirety, is the only “you” that can be, so don't try to conform yourself to any will but your own. That creative spark is the divine; or at least as close to this place's will to create and be that we may ever experience first hand.

      This doesn't mean to abandon all else, and pursue a life of hedonistic emotion, action and thought, since a complete self is only complete when it takes in, when it breathes, when it exists everything and everyone around it.

      So exist, exist to your fullest, exist for yourself, and for others; exist inside yourself and outside as well. But most importantly fulfill that purpose; existence for its own sake, growth for its own sake, being simply to be and let others be... is the thing we share with all others, the purest thing we can share in.