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Sunday, April 3, 2011

-The Right- Tenet 3

3. "Don't think only of yourself, life isn't about you, its not about anyone, it's about us."

It might seem counter, at first inspection, to some of the things I've said so far; especially concerning one's sense of self, and self-worth. But in truth, your sense of self, how you relate to those around you, and how those around you relate to you; are bound together more strongly than most realize in normal people. Although we seek autonomy, no living creature is truly independent. All life depends, upon other life; whether it be symbiosis, parasitosis, or outright predation. Humanity is no different, and due to the complexity of our minds, and our ability to interrelate, exchange ideas and information, and raw, simple, emotion... We are all very much a part of each other.

        At the same time this, particular ideal, shouldn't be taken to the point where we weaken, destroy, and cripple ourselves for the greater good. We, as individuals, shouldn't be constrained for the sake of the masses... this isn't a call for free will, and selfishness however. A group functions best when all its parts realize their full potential; a single broken cog can stymie an entire machine. We should understand; and have concern and care for those around us, to see to better serving, protecting, and loving one another... we each need to realize our own individual strengths, and apply them in union.

        We are instinctively compelled to survive, to flourish, to try to wrest the power to live, from the world around us. Yet at the same time, a new set of instincts is evolving, driven by the growing communal consciousness [or as some may say the shrinking of the world.] It seems the best way to stay alive, for complex organisms such as ourselves, is altruism, though some might not agree. The balance is fine, you have to care for yourself before you can care for others; and often times one truly hasn't cared for themselves if they ignore this very same connection. Love of self, and love of those in the world is often interwoven.

        In short... “life isn't about you”, a life lived only for one's own purposes, for one's own sake... is an empty, heartless, and often passionless thing. Yet, at the same time “Life isn't about anyone”, or at least no one in particular, no single person or cause is of paramount importance. Rather, “it's about us”, all of us, each and every one... and we should never forget that.

Another Piece of music, marginally relevant to the topic at hand for you all to enjoy. :3

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  1. Community is the root of all humanity. While ignored previously, it is good that it finally appears in this piece. The strength of the combined unit we see around our young often dictates the inner strength they exhibit later in their times of turmoil.