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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nothing changes until we do.

     I try to be honest, as much as one can; but Obviously I had ulterior motives for my first series of posts, my little treatise on the trans-formative and self-defined nature of the human condition. Though it's not as straight forward as forming a following, or generating ad revenue, nor was it an act of selflessness; but, thoughts like those aren't generally written down, or espoused to the masses without a purpose. My reasons for doing what I do, feeling what I feel, and thinking what I think, are both selfless and selfish; essentially,  the reason I try to point these things out, and engage in dialog about them... Is that literally nothing changes until we do.

     The world is habitual, systematic, things generally progress from one condition to another, if allowed to take their natural course. Without sentience, self-awareness, the chains of action and response proceed unbroken. Nuclear and chemical reactions proceed along relatively set paths with only statistical deviations from the norm; Prey graze, and in turn are fed upon by predators; Climates change, deserts expand, and deltas flood; The whole world moves inexorably along towards conclusions with only minor variance. There is a single force that changes this though; life, in particular, intelligent life. While sentient creatures are still bound by the laws of nature, they can more fully utilize the unharnessed potential of the systems they see around them. They make the possible, though improbable, less so by force of will alone.

     Sentient beings, can choose; or at least possess the illusion of choice; depending on who's perspective you take, or who's version of reality you subscribe too. We are still bound to, and by, the physical world; but, we can deviate from the scripted survivalistic patterns of behavior as dictated by instinct; But only if we choose too. By understanding the fact that we exist, by the virtue that we can define ourselves and our thoughts, emotions, and behavior; we give ourselves control over not only ourselves, but over our environment; and on a scale unprecedented in "nature." This isn't to say we aren't governed by nature, or are not a part of it; everything is "natural" in some sense, since the laws of nature allow anything one might observe to exist.

     But by recognizing the system, our part in it, and the rules by which it runs; we can direct, guide, improve, radically change, or even destroy. Such is the power of thought, it doesn't allow you to break the rules; but, it does allow you to realize that they're there in the first place. And even though it doesn't change the amount, or nature, of possible outcomes to any interaction; it does allow you to increase the amount of probable outcomes, and skew and manipulate the results to your desire. Self awareness is the power to discern yourself as part of, yet in some sense separate and independent of your surroundings. From a perspective of objective awareness; self awareness is the ability to determine the function of the parts of a system, and the effects its failure or optimization has on the system as a whole.

    Nothing changes until we do; because, the potential to assume more and more complex states inherent in life, due to its origin in self-organizing chemical properties, is the harbinger and engine of change. And when coupled with awareness and self awareness, it is the architect of change as well. Unfortunately this potential is more often than not wasted, and events are allowed to take their "natural" course. However, nature isn't benign, its blind; species come and go, death and pain are intimate and necessary parts of it. The natural course of our evolution might be a dead end, a long drawn out death to attrition, or even self destruction...

    The point is, we have the choice, and we can change things; but only if we ourselves change to better utilize our potential for the manipulation of "systems", including ourselves.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back, kinda.

   Well, I'm back; in some sense. I've been a bit busy since June, work picked up a bit more, but then I lost my job; however I've found a new one though, at least for now. I'm going to start updating my blog again; I'm not entirely sure as to what I'll be talking about this time, but I'll try to keep the updates as regular as I can. As stated before; I'm not entirely sure what I'll be writing about this time, so I'm going to give all of you an update on what's been going on with me, and a bit about my thoughts.

      I was laid off last month, and have been looking for a job, so far I've managed to land myself a job at a tech shop; though it's only part time. The work is enjoyable at least, and I have a lot of free time for various things. Unfortunately the money situation has stopped me from going on one of the two yearly trips I like to make. On the plus side a little bit of my creative muse has seemed to come back; I've been able to draw recently, and I've been working on a piece digitally. A lot of thinking as well, but not really anything all that productive.

     As for the moment all I'm really doing: is working what hours I can at my new job, talking with the various folks I tend to talk too, listening to tons of music, sketching occasionally, reading, and worrying about my friends and loved ones as I'm prone to doing. Despite the fact that things are out of sorts I'm relatively happy, things could be better but on the other hand things could definitely be worse. Hopefully the part time job will pan out, hours and income will increase; for myself and everyone else at the shop. I'm not entirely deadlocked into not being able to go on my trip either; I have quite a few friends that might be able to help, and I'm actually doing fairly well monetarily, perhaps the tax refund will help in this department.

     In upcoming posts, I'm likely too: share my artwork with my audience, discuss ideas I've had, or give a bit of background on events in my life.