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Saturday, April 30, 2011

-The Right- Tenet 6

6. “Everything is in your point.”

    This is not about egotism, or a view of the universe centric to your own opinions. However “Everything is in your point”; that is to say, every action taken, every word spoken, should have a purpose. This particular axiom has to do with intension; people have the ability to define their concept of self, and other's concepts of them though their actions and words. The closer that your internal concept of self, and the concepts of you that those around you hold; the more completely and truthfully you have communicated your concept of self out into the external world. You tend to generate less logical paradoxes concerning your perceived method of thought, your words, and your actions within those around you.

    It's a matter of truth, by keeping everything you have power over in line with how you see yourself. It prevents you from betraying yourself, and betraying others; by putting effort into developing habits that remain in line with whom you truly see yourself as, you avoid the pitfall of hypocrisy and all the negatives that come with it. You find more peace of mind in your self, less insecurities, since you know who you are, the confusion over the mater [after you have actually determined it of course] is lifted. Others also will also be able to recognize you for whom you are with consistent projection of self image. Trust can also be more easily built and maintained when we aren't constantly putting up a smokescreen of deception to convince one another that we're someone that we are not.

    Like tenet 2, this is about the correlation of internal self, and the self as perceived by others. This time, instead of truthfulness being the focus, consistency is... Even if you're trusted, if people know you not to lie; this is only so useful in helping to project your true inner self unless that inner self is stable. People tend not to identify with people who change, at their core, constantly; even if they are truthful. The honest truth of the matter is that unless you maintain a sense of consistency in whom you think you are, and who you appear to be; then any given “you” tends not to stay around long enough for form lasting allegiances and relationships with others.

Up to this moment, most of the points I try to make have been concerning the importance of learning, growing, the way we are all interconnected in concept and emotion, and most importantly, the way these things affect our concept of self, and the concept of self that others hold for us. The fact that “Everything is in your point” is equally important; because none of what has come before has any importance unless you allow a concept of self to stabilize.

As living things, we exist in time as well as space, we have to be able to maintain the store of second hand information and direct experience we gather; and their effects on us as people. Consistency in time is key to this.

[Obviously not too the point of dysfunction though :p]

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  1. Focus is the focus of this and again we leave those out that are unable to perform. There is an unintended discrimination inherent in your Tenets that you need to take a serious thought about: those who can't, how do they achieve equal value?